We believe that a fundamental change in healthcare is inevitable and meaningful. As a consequence, medicine must evolve from today’s “repair shop” to a holistic, people-oriented service sector. This development must and will be rapid and disruptive.
Telemedicine opens up completely new opportunities to network sectors, services and specialties and to enable faster and more effective decision-making processes. This also results in leaving people longer in their familiar life context and supporting their self-determined life with technological help. In the future, too, people will be able to seek medical care far away from healthcare facilities.

The medical care of today – not of tomorrow – comes to the people – and not vice versa.

Digitisation is worthless, especially in medicine, if it does not include the necessary transformation in a comprehensive paradigm shift. Digitisation is not limited to pure technology. We also have to understand that all other processes change as a result. Higher connectivity creates increasing flexibility and speed. We all need to be ready to learn and develop ourselves and our work processes. Only when we are ready to build a trusting relationship with understanding and respect, we can master and shape the challenges of the digital world, especially in medicine.

That’s what we stand for.

  • That is why our work is characterised by human kindness and permanence
  • That’s why we sometimes struggle with “old ways of thinking”
  • That’s why we pay attention to the protection of the data and do everything for the necessary security. But we struggle with manic-indexed interpretations of privacy rules.
  • That’s why we look for a healthy mix of real and virtual. To be able to handle dependencies even when the power fails.

We keep calm. Focus on utility values. Maintain creativity.